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Akvastabil Family Aquarium 80 x 35 x 42cm


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Durable aluminium profiles in attractive timeless design. The canopy is white underneath, which ensures extra light in the aquarium (as opposed to a black underside, which absorbs all light). Robust aluminium profile in canopy with built-in LEDs. Maximum cooling of LEDs due to robust aluminium profile provides optimum conditions for the diodes and ensures long lifetime. Hermetically sealed 12V LED lighting provides long lifetime and excellent safety. Extra bright LED lights that provide enough light for even particularly demanding plants. Full spectrum LED light with high red bias, which provides unique and attractive colours on fish, plants and decorative elements in the aquarium. Reduced yellow bias in the spectrum counteracts the experience of ?yellow water? in the aquarium (yellow water is due to pigments in fish waste matter and decorative items such as tree roots). Replaceable polycarbonate plate protects the diodes against contamination and aids cleaning.


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