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Easy-Life Easy Carbo 5L


EasyCarbo is a very powerful and effective source for aquarium plants. A strong grwoth improvement is noticable after 1 to 2 weeks. Usable with or without CO2 addition. Algae will have great difficulties to sustain themselves, due to a better plant growth. Very good to combine with the universal fertilizer ProFito. The better growing plants (even Cryptocorynes or Echinodorus sp.) can compete better with algae. e.g. brush algae don’t have any change and will disappear within several weeks. dOSAGE RATE: aquarium with only a few plants : 1 ml per 100 litres daily. Aquarium moderately planted : 1 ml per 50 litres dailY. Aquarium heavily planted : 1 ml per 25 litres daily.ŽíŽí

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Easy-Life Easy Carbo 5L

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