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eSHA Gdex 20ml (Skin & Gill Flukes)


eSHa gdex is specially developed against skin and gill flukes and tapeworms. One of the many advantages is that the product can be used in combination with other freshwater medicines. The combination of eSHa 2000, EXIT and eSHa gdex gives you an extremely broad range of action. Combine eSHa gdex with HEXAMITA and you have a very effective medicine for Discus and other soft water Cichlids. Moreover eSHa gdex does not colour the water or lead to a bacterial bloom and is well tolerated by fish, plants, filters and shrimp. eSHa gdex can also be used with marine fish in quarantine tanks. Tapeworms (Cestoda). Gill flukes (like Gyrodactylus sp. and Dactylogyrus sp.)

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eSHA Gdex 20ml (Skin & Gill Flukes)

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