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HabiStat Tortoise Table Black


HabiStat Tortoise Table. A tabletop home for a pet tortoise, this superb HabiStat Tortoise Table provides a spacious living area with its own covered area. Manufactured from 18mm thick melamine for increased strength and durability, the Tortoise Table can be used with lighting and UV equipment, which can be purchased separately or alternatively within the HabiStat Tortoise Table Accessory Kit (our code RT320). The covered area has the ability to attach a small heat mat to the ceiling, raising night-time ambient temperatures, although this may not be necessary if your house does not fall below 18c. With an open top design for maximum ventilation, most experts agree that the HabiStat Tortoise Table is the perfect home for a tortoise. Available in an Oak or Black finish and delivered flat packed, this HabiStat Tortoise Table is easy to assemble, measuring 109cm long x 61 wide x 61cm high and requiring nothing more than a screwdriver and a hex key (enclosed). This is also designed for use with Monkfield Black Cabinet, (L91 x D61 x H66cm). All the HabiStat Tortoise Tables have been tried and tested for practicality and durability.

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HabiStat Tortoise Table Black






Tortoise Table Black


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