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HVP RetroLine RGB 590mm ADD-ON Only


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The 590mm RGB-version of the RetroLINE has RGB leds in it. These RGB consist of three smaller leds: Red, Green and Blue, together they give a white light. The colours can be adjusted individually also, so you can make almost any colour you like.
Mounting possibilities: The lights can be placed directly into T5 fittings. With the optional T8 adapter rings they can also be fitted into T8 fittings. With the optional rimless mounting brackets the lights can be fitted on open aquariums. The lights can also be placed directly on the aquarium stabilisation strips. Every RGB light replaces half of a T5 fluorescent light lamp.
Colour: RGB (Red Green Blue). Length: 590MM. Voltage: 24V. Power consumption: 8.4W. Luminous: 112 Lm/Watt. Dimension: Length X 35 X 16 MM. Led amount: 72 leds/metre.

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