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Interpet Plastic Plant Cleaner 250ml


Effortless cleaning for your ornamental aquarium accessories. Make your ornaments and plastic plants look like new again.
OCoEffortlessly remove organic and mineral stains
OCoRestore plastic plants and decor to look like new
No matter how clean you keep your aquarium, it’s almost inevitable that ornaments and plastic plants will end up covered in ugly algae, organic and mineral deposits. And who wants that? But help is at hand with this little wonder. Simply soak your ornaments and plastic plants in a solution of the Plastic Plants and Ornament Cleaner to restore them to their former glory. Use as needed, as part of your regular maintenance programme, when unsightly algae and stains build up on plastic plants and ornaments. Simply remove the stained items and soak them in the cleaning solution.

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Interpet Plastic Plant Cleaner 250ml

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