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Juwel Rio 180 LED Aquarium – Dark Wood


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The most popular JUWEL aquarium, the RIO 180, combines the classic rectangular shape with the latest equipment. With its compact surface of 101 x 41 cm and classic rectangular design, the RIO 180 will fit perfectly into any design scheme.
Its safety base frame ensures especially safe positioning and allows you to set up your aquarium easily, with no need for special supports.
Painstaking workmanship from Germany, top-quality materials and perfectly tuned technology guarantee the very best quality and safety, meaning a long service life for your RIO 180.

Brilliant luminosity and excellent plant growth are what you get with High Lite, the state-of-the-art T5 lighting technology from JUWEL. The length of the High-Lite fluorescent tubes is individually adjusted to the size of your JUWEL aquarium, which guarantees even luminosity for your RIO 180 with a power input of 2×45 Watt.
The High-Lite lighting system for the RIO 180 means that you can work on your aquarium in comfort, even when the lighting is switched on.
The ultrasonically welded lighting unit is 100% waterproof, complies with top European safety standards and is T?V/GS certified.

For optimum filtering, the RIO 180 is fitted with a high-performance Bioflow 3.0. This internal filter combines efficiency with safety and forms the centrepiece of any JUWEL aquarium. It works on the principle that “The water should stay in the aquarium!” and is the safest way of filtering an aquarium. The Bioflow 3.0 comes fitted with five high-performance filter media and a quiet yet powerful Eccoflow 600 circulation pump.
The 200 Watt JUWEL adjustable heater, which is perfectly embedded in the water circulation in the Bioflow 3.0 filter system, ensures the right temperature in the RIO 180.
Because it uses top-quality silver contacts and shock-proof borosilicate glass, JUWEL adjustable heaters meet the highest standards in both function and safety and, as you would expect, are T?V/GS certified.

Juwel Hi-Lite 2 x 45W (895mm).
Filter System: Bioflow M.
Pump: Eccoflow 600.
Heater: AquaHeat 200W.

Aquarium dimensions 101cm L x 50cm H x 41cm W.
Volume 180 Litres .


Rio 180 Dark Wood Aquarium


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