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Arcadia D3+ Dragon T5 Lamp 14% UVB 117cm 54w


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Arcadia D3+ Dragon T5 Lamp 14% UV-B 117cm 54w. Suitable for reptiles requiring a high level of UV-B such as Bearded Dragons, Blue-tongued Skink, Frilled Lizard, Uromastyx, Tortoises and Freshwater Turtles and Agamids kept in larger enclosures. 14% UV-B for both arid and forest species in large enclosures. Features high UV-B without compromising the colour output or CRI, that projects a usable index of 6 to 40cms, 20%+ more visible light than T5 D3+ Desert. Lamp wattage 54w, length 1150mm, diameter T5 16mm, lumens 2400lm. Output: UV-B 14%, UV-A (T5) 30%, Kelvin 8000K. Ultra-Violet Index (UVI): distance 300mm T5 UVI 5-7, 400mm T5 UVI 5-6. Energy efficiency rating A+. kWh/1000h* 60.
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