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Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit ShadeDweller 7% UV-B 8w


The Arcadia Reptile ShadeDweller ProT5 Kit is a sleek, attractive, highly versatile, and dedicated UV-B lighting kit with the needs of modern reptile keeping at its heart. ShadeDweller ProT5 is equipped with a highly functional but removable curved reflector that ensures a UV rich basking area directly beneath the unit. The ShadeDweller ProT5 arrives with the Arcadia Reptile 17% UV-A, 7% UV-B ShadeDwellerOao 8-Watt lamp, switch, fittings kit, a single power cable and a free ‘link cable’ to allow you to run up to 10 kits from one power source. This easy-to-use professional lighting kit can be easily fitted into a wooden vivarium with the fitting kit that is included, or it can placed above the mesh of a glass vivarium for climbing species such as Crested geckos and more. The ShadeDweller ProT5 kit will help you to provide adequate levels of essential UV energy beneath the lighting kit and over a targeted area. This will allow you as the keeper to provide targeted areas of light and shade in which your animal can self-regulate within standard sized enclosures. ShadeDweller ProT5 is fast start and ‘flicker-free’. For far too long Crepuscular animals have not had dedicated lighting systems, ShadeDwellerOao by Arcadia Reptile seeks to right this wrong. Partner up with the Arcadia Reptile 50w ‘Deep Heat Projector’ (RT223) as the most usable and effective source of Bioavailable heat. ShadeDwellerProT5 is the perfect choice for: Leopard Geckos, Crested Geckos, Day Geckos (small), Amphibians, Inverts and Hatchling Snakes. The Arcadia Reptile ShadeDweller ProT5 Kit includes T5 fluorescent lamp, removable reflector, fitting kit and link cable. Perfect for enclosures 12″/30cm high or more. Lamp wattage 8w, fitting length 315mm, lamp 8w / 300mm, energy efficiency rating A / 9kWh 1000h. Output UV-B 7%, Kelvin 6000K. Ultra-Violet Index (UVI): distance 250mm T5 UVI 0.80, 300mm T5 UVI 0.65, 375mm T5 UVI 0.45, 450mm T5 UVI 0.30.UVI measurements taken at the very centre of the strongest point using a solar meter 6.5. Minimum distance from lamp to reptile is 250mm.

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Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit ShadeDweller 7% UV-B 8w

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